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October 2020


Ogogoro joints don’t advertise but their costumers have a culture of showing up early in the morning and you hear :
“Madam give me one short make i take wash mouth” Is a rendition amongst consumers of this local alcohol drink.
In the 80s the joints use to be for very low income fun seekers, uneducated and the black sheeps. Today these joints host some respectable people all in the name of drinking “agbo”

Why would what never use to happen begins to happen?
Why is ogogoro joints that are known to accommodate older men, today attracts young stars?
It use to be a shameful thing back then seeing pensioners, old soldiers etc sitting and drinking ogogoro. But is a thing of joy for a lot of young people today who seat comfortably in this joints and even play songs from their Bluetooth speakers.

This change has a lot to do with situations we might not know about.
I want to share a situation that led a fine young man to several ogogoro joints.

He was in Delta State University when his father died.
He lived with his dad at Abuja while his mum and other sibling live in Lagos. His father’s death got the best of him Because they were so close. They had so much love to share, his dad loved him that he used his name as next of kin.
When it was time for him to go for the gratuity he went with his mum.
For the love of family he didn’t hesitate to ask for the cheque to be in his mum’s name. On the day they collected the cheque his mum excused him to use the convenience. Little did this loving and fine young man knew that everything about his life is about to change for bad.
For hours she never returned, he had to beg for money to return home. He still didn’t meet his mum at home so he got worried and started alerting other family members for her search.
Later that night she returned with the excuse that she needed to make sure the cheque is safe, hence she gave it to her brother to keep.
A lot looked fishy from her response to the questions this young man asked. I also think with him that is impossible for mummy to play a fast one.

Because the world is full of surprises, till date 31/10/2020 this money is yet to benefit the young man and his sibling.They are yet to see any kobo from their mum. None of them is a graduate today the last of them is 36 years old loafing about the streets of festac.
The young man couldn’t continue school at Delta State anymore after several wars to recover the money.

The fine young man now reports to various ogogoro joints, he smokes weed for comfort. He is so addicted that he doesn’t need funds to get drunk.
All he needs to do is manage to appear in any joint where he’s known.

Addiction is not a crime, is a curable disease. This is how we think at United Breeds Foundation. A HARM REDUCTION ORGANISATION. We hear and see several cases that makes us work harder to save many whom terrible situations have plunged into addiction.
We think we know that all the boys smoking and drinking to stupor are useless fellows but we never knew some of them are created by the evil loved ones made.

You can be part of this fight to help many who are struggling with drug addiction and other harmful vices.
Write us on : info@unitedbreedsfoundation.org

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ONE MILLION BOYS (1,000,000 bois)
ONE MILLION BOYS (1,000,000 bois) 540 787 United Voice

We (United Breeds Foundation) made contact with some one million boys at Ijora Badia. This was when amongst their rivalry cults were killing each other. The police DPO Okon Obong nominated us in dialogue and transformation plan for them. But as usual corrupt political minds will never give towards good initiatives like this. It has been a struggle for us! Even Pastors are speaking English giving us only prayers for doing what they couldn’t do.

Today one million boys are out looting and destroying properties.
Dear Christians there are things you must do after prayers (works) fellow Nigerians we must build and transform the minds of our youths whom politicians destroyed buy using them as political thugs then dump them after usage.

Be patriotic, be godly SUPPORT United Breeds A HARM REDUCTION ORGANISATION as we save our innocent youths.

Bank :Zenith
Act No: 1017602133
Act Name: United Breeds Foundation.


Signed : Anthony Abakporo. Founder /Convener.

Signed : Onuwaje Tesinro Michael. Youth President.