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About Us

United Breeds Foundation

We are an assemblage of youths committed to empowering, rebuilding, reforming and establishing our youths; using harm reduction initiatives to positively impact our society now and the future.

In this time of drug epidemic, we are committed to helping the afflicted to get back with their lives. We hope to stem down the tide of drug addiction and the negative impact on our community and society at large crime reduction, decrease school dropout rate and a host of other anti-social vices that threatens our moral and spiritual fabrics as a people thereby building a better society.

This is to also create a platform that will empower our youths in human capital development, skill acquisition, entrepreneur ship program and scholarship grants.

This movement is made open to all unemployed youths in community, as we plan to take them off the streets for good. We hope to extend to other parts of the world with time.

Our Mission is Going after youths and enriching the minds of many.

Here's how we work


We look out for potential harm causes among youth


After we’ve identified problems, we line up rehabilitation drives

Follow Up

We don’t stop at rehabilitation, we follow up to ensure that the impact is lasting.

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If you are touched to donate, enquire, volunteer or even say “hi”, please feel free to contact us.

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