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November 2021


Report has it on vanguard News paper that October 19, 2021, a boy allegedly killed his father in Adazi Ani in Anambra State and took the father’s N50, 000 just to buy Mkpuru mmiri. He was apprehended by youths of the community, beaten to stupor and burnt alive.

Here in Festac Town, a one time great rapper was beaten by friends who were angry he eat their food. All in question high on crack (hard drugs) the rapper after that beating was hospitalised and died afterwards. His family rejected his body, friends after paper work at the court went ahead to bury him, including United Breeds Foundation in attendance and commitment.

Cultism rivalry is a religion especially at Ijora Badia and other infested areas. Hard Drugs proliferation on the rise, drunkenness is celebrated amongst youths “shayo” youths always ready to contribute money for parties, Street jamz etc but can never contribute to start a business as partners.

A generation is heading to doom obviously and with the look of things Nigerians are not ready to arrest this situation.
Neither is the church seeing that the young men that are to see visions or prophesy (Acts 2:17) are drug addicts and drunkards on a higher percentage.
As a Christian body when you see what God did not say begin to happen profusely, as the light of the world it behoves you to stop the darkness. But to be frank from our experience as United Breeds Foundation, the church failed us more they are not facing their responsibility as light and see that satan is using this channel to make the generation in which they prospered like never before become useless. No organisation ignores us like the church. Even the Nigerian police always supports us to the extent of giving us money. (Unbelievable)

Hard Drugs are killing so many people in the church dear church heads. Do your findings and see junkies who had left church as a result of this Pandemic. We are charging the church to Wake-up and repent! What’s a future without your youths?
How many more choristers would impregnate each other or divorces, murders before you wake up?

A young boy took crystal in Festac Town 5th avenue and went into one of the RCCG churches ,beat up his mum in the presence of people.
We are calling out the church more because is their duty. They are the salt of the earth, they had since Pharaoh during Joseph been solution providers when the world is in a limbo.

Nigerians, we must rise up against this situation. Is encroaching even the primary schools. All hands must be on deck to do all things legal to control these terrible events.
There are so many cases on our table and more that shouldn’t be our business that we are yet burdened with. There is a crisis, support any organisation that is genuinely working against hard drugs. Your 1000 naira, or any currency will go a long way.
We don’t have a future if our youths are drunkards and junkies.
It will surely affect small and big because when is time these youths if not reformed shall do “ta ta ta” with weapons and become governors and president. Then you shall desire this present unproductive politicians to rather lead us.

Pastor Tony Rapu of This Present House, thanks for what you have been doing all these years. Your organisation “God bless Nigeria” had been in front of this Pandemic with your extraordinary work in the lives of many that are transformed. We celebrate you sir, keep doing because God is the source and God can never run dry.

There is a challenge in front of us, it came with great fears. Wisdom is to face our fears and live the dreams (A better society)
The mess is to much, the earlier we work indeed the better for us.


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In what looks like free for all to some members of the public who reached out to UBF. Upon hearing or reading publication on her Empowerment program slated for 21st November 2021. It was actually for the trained, diligent and punctual ready minds who have shown capacity, interest in business growth. Some are the transformed who had impressed the leadership of United Breeds Foundation.
Like is popularly said at UBF: “Don’t take the substance from them if you are not ready to give them what can engage them positively”

Leaving a vacuum in the lives of youths who are transformed is not a good work. That is making the matter worse because trust issues will set in and damage the addicts mind, Also making such indulge in illicit drugs intake to their detriment.

United Breeds Foundation empowered six of the best from her more than two hundred youths. It is palpable to give funds or valuables to someone whose battling drug addiction. In her transformation system UBF has stages of engaging the youths.

PACESETTERS BUSINESS FORUM is the business training platform of United Breeds Foundation.
It has succeeded in convincing Izu Orara one of the people empowered. To desire learning how to drive a forklift. Izu had been a member since inception of United Breeds Foundation but never found the way forward, till after PACESETTERS BUSINESS FORUM.
UBF paid the training fee of 60,000 to the training company and also gave him the sum of 10,000 support in cash for transportation to the training site.

IZU ORARA, One of the beneficiaries of the UBF empowerment Scheme who is currently registered by UBF to learn how to drive a Forklift.

A widow was amongst the beneficiaries. United Breeds Foundation is flexible in extending help to the needy hence the organization had previously supported her groundnuts business and did more on Sunday 21st 2021 because she attended the classes too.

JDPC, a formidable arm of the Catholic Church was in attendance. Represented by
Mr. Modestus Osuala(coordinator JDPC, Holy Family Catholic Church), Ms. Theresa Igata(Secretary), Mrs. Beatrice Oduntan(Welfare)

Mr. Modestus, addressing the audience made it clear why users of illicit drugs must stop.
He stated that hard drugs affects the family, education, health, society, hygiene and more negatively. He told a story of a user who lost everything to hard drugs including his properties, wife and children.

It was a wonderful ambiance with the presentations of the cheques of 50,000 and cash of 30,000, except for Izu who received 10,000 for transportation to his new forklift learning school.

United Breeds Foundation is appealing to the general public, to support the good work for more impacts.

Photos of other beneficiaries….

Account Number: 1017602133. Zenith Bank

Euro Account: 5080498563.

Pounds Account: 5060509085.

Dollar: 5071999242.

All Zenith Bank.

For more information: info@unitedbreedsfoundation.org. / unitedbreedsfoundation@gmail.com