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December 2021


3rd of December 2021 shall be memorable in the minds of 50 individuals who least expect a gift of love from Love Outreach International they never knew.
It first started with giving them free glowing white T shirts, Free ride to event centre and then to the Empowerments proper.

Oladipupo John Ademiju a photographer in his early fifties whose been battling with his small camera he uses at event centres for quick shots, was given a high quality camera that brought tears of joy all over his eyes. Iheme Umeh Raymond got a higher capacity laptop for his ICT programme training. Others got 50,000 naira each for their petty businesses. Pensioners were not left out .

One of the beneficiaries of Love Outreach International empowerment 2021, Iheme Umeh Raymond receiving his brand new high capacity laptop from the founder of LO., Pst. Ogbole Oghedegbe on his 50th Birthday celebration.

United Breeds Foundation was given the assignment to assemble all 50 beneficiaries. UBF In their magnanimous traits gave 15 slot to Ijora Badia, 5 to Green Carpet Foundation, 5 to Widows, 5 to petty trading women, 2 to JDPC, 18 to United Breeds Foundation, capturing 4 pensioners in their 18 was UBF.
Screening to ensure people who gets these support are those who truly need it, UBF found out many of them don’t even have account details.

Pastor Ogbole Oghedegbe whose birthday is same day, deliberately got verve cards for everyone of the 50. Though is 51 as another woman was included by a leader who thinks she deserves to get the 50,000 naira because of her state. In love, Love Outreach International included her and got extra card for her.

5kg bags of rice were also distributed to the people and souvenir all in addition to their approved cards.

Pastor Ogbole Oghedegbe is the founder of Love Outreach International. The Organisation was inaugurated same day (3rd December 2021)
It was also his 50th birthday. You will not be wrong if you named it Ogbole and the 50s.

Founder of Love Outreach International and Birthday celebrant, Pastor Ogbole Oghedegbe

For more pictures from the event, please visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts @unitedbreedsfoundation

Nigerians are troubled, the situation of our country is catastrophic. When you put little food in the fish pond for the fishes, there is likely to be a situation of stronger one’s eating up the weak.
Let’s do our best as individuals ignoring the political class that has refused to make things work with vast natural resources.
Our lights can inspire them if we let our little lights shine.
Your 1000 naira or more can do so much, even your foreign currency. Let’s create a love world, support United Breeds Foundation.

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