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September 2021

UPDATE: UBF Steps Out For Door To Door Publicity.
UPDATE: UBF Steps Out For Door To Door Publicity. 1024 767 United Voice

Members of United Breeds Foundation have put their hands in the plough, with a single vision in their mind : Walk Against Hard Drugs and Harmful Vices.
The youths joyfully went about 3rd avenue axis through to 31 Road and 311 distributing flyers door to door.
And informing many of the need to kick against drug abuse in Amuwo Odofin Local Government.

Strategically grouping themselves into four teams was a site to behold. Children also joining the distribution was golden. The excesise which took place 3pm on 19th September 2021 made a memorable impact in the minds of the participants who gave reports of their experiences and inspiration.


First on the list to give report of his team was Anthony Abakporo, who said: We met three women in front of a close selling stuff and making hair. A particularly elderly woman refused to collect the flyer. But was compelled to after the purpose of the flyer was made known to her.
She lamented of the situation and spoke about cases that are bringing shame to homes. Then she agreed to read the contents as we walked into the close.
There we met another elderly man who wailed about the sorry state of addiction amongst youths.
While speaking he started crying profusely, we consoled him and he prayed for us. Thanking us for initiating plan in such a time as this.
On our way out of the close the old woman who didn’t want to receive our flyer asked for more so she can give to her ward.

Deacon Daniel Edafe leader of one of the team also delivered his report saying: A man complained to us of how things had gotten worse than before. The man spoke of how the few drugs that was known in the past had been increased to many substance.

Ejiro speaking for his team said: a woman called us back after reading our flyer and asked what we would do about the Aboki opposite Tantaliser 21 Road, She encourage us to do something about the drug dealer who publicly sell his dangerous products to boys and girls everyday.
She spoke of how he would be picked by law enforcement agencies and few days he is back again on same spot.
She pleaded that United Breeds Foundation look into the local drug kingpin.

Jonathan also speaking for his team said: at A close 3rd avenue (immigration office) one of the officers there loved the organisation and said to make efforts in getting the federal government to support this kind of NGO. As the substance addiction level is alarming. He said Lagos state alone has more than 1 million Prostitutes and that when he was at the bother. Many leave for prostitution. He also mentioned Kano state as a drug saturated area where the government can partner with United Breeds Foundation to explore.
He loved UBF and wished us well.

Michael Tesinro Onuwaje who also spoke for his team said: people who knew me as a “drunken Master” were excited to see me campaigning against hard drugs and harmful vices. Covering 311 where we used to do all the shameful substance use was a good one for me.”
People collected many flyers from us to help distribute it.

All these events inspired the leadership to continue the door to door sensitisation excesise one hour everyday with the available youths. To enable the NGO cover a large space and get many involved in this first of it’s kind walk.

Kindly Support us financially to enable us handle these huge tasks ahead of us. Thank you!

Account Details:

Account Number: 1017602133
United Breeds Foundation
Zenith Bank


UPDATE: Love’s Domain Church Supports And Partners With United Breeds Foundation.
UPDATE: Love’s Domain Church Supports And Partners With United Breeds Foundation. 1024 461 United Voice

It’s been a hive of collaborations, curtsey visits and meetings for United Breeds Foundation on the Walk Against Hard Drugs and Harmful Vices.


Rev. Olabanji Oladipo the Senior Pastor of Love’s Domain received UBF team on 19th September 2021. The Clergy who has been a friend of the organization since their paths crossed. Introduced the Team to his members and spoke of the walk. He also sited a scene he and his family saw on their way to church this morning.
Saying: he saw a guy take off his shirts publicly and began to react unpleasantly. This and more are reasons Rev Olabanji wants his followers to be part of the walk. The set man had already supported the organization financially and pledged to support in other areas to see the walk make meaningful impact.

UBF team after addressing the members, appreciated the man of God for his constant support and unconditional love.

UPDATE: Holy Family Catholic Church Humanitarian Departments support United Breeds Foundation.
UPDATE: Holy Family Catholic Church Humanitarian Departments support United Breeds Foundation. 1000 798 United Voice

In the spirit of brotherly love, the Red Cross in collaboration with Justice Development and Peace Centre, of Holy Family Catholic Church 22 road Festac Town; had a meeting with United Breeds Foundation in their facility today 19th September 2021 in view of Walk Against Hard Drugs and Harmful Vices.

It is no news of the natural zeal for the Catholic Church to be Humanitarian. Their significant role in education, health, welfare and other good works towards humanity is evident world wide.


The church embraced the walk in totality. They proffered ideas to make the walk a success. This is what Jesus Christ expects from His church.
Jesus Christ went about doing good and same is expected of every Christian.

The organizations unanimously agreed to bring on board other departments in the church. Paper works and talks are on for proper alignment. UBF is happy with this development as is a big partnership that would further boost the capacity of the walk.

UPDATE: Door To Door Sensitization exercise begins 19th September.
UPDATE: Door To Door Sensitization exercise begins 19th September. 1024 985 United Voice

It’s been days of various activities for United Breeds Foundation “A HARM REDUCTION ORGANISATION” in their plans for Walk Against Hard Drugs and Harmful Vices. Next in line is the door to door sensitization exercise. The Organization is distributing three thousand (3000) copies of flyers in the first phase of her one on one publicity strategy.
The idea is to ensure everyone is carried along in the drug abuse campaign advocacy. Not all parents have access to social media where UBF had made great effort in publicity.

As well, many can be reached in Amuwo Odofin through various medium. This has also been part of why UBF is knocking on doors. To encourage their ward in joining the fight against drug abuse in the local government.
The team would be covering 3rd Avenue axis on 19th September 2021. Other Avenues would follow accordingly. Banners are going up sooner too and a final motorcade publicity 30th September.

By 3pm no African Time as is popularly said at United Breeds Foundation. Youths will assemble to do this noble work.
Every interested youth in Amuwo Odofin that wishes to join the door to door sensitisation excesise is welcomed. As plans for lite refreshments is made available for all noble distributor.
Take off point is 3rd Avenue E close house 5, Festac Town.
Time is 3pm

UPDATE: United Breeds team gets support from CSP Gboyega Balogun on Drug campaign
UPDATE: United Breeds team gets support from CSP Gboyega Balogun on Drug campaign 768 1024 United Voice

United Breeds Foundation team met with the DPO Festac Police Station on 14th September 2021. To further discuss plans for the forthcoming walk against hard drugs and harmful vices. The Organization had earlier two weeks ago met with the Area Commander on same subject.
United Breeds Foundation believes that the need for security presence is pertinent. Meetings are also on going with other law enforcement agencies, all in the bid to make October 1st auspicious.
Fighting drugs had over the years been that of the law enforcement agencies. United Breeds Foundation in turn thinks civilians should join in the fight, as the effects and damages hits harder on civilians.
These and more inspired the much talked about walk.

Mr Balogun was elated at the drive of UBF and spoke extensively on how parents contributed to this drug abuse Pandemic situation we see in Amuwo Odofin. He loved the door to door sensitisation to encourage parents to come join speak up against these vices.
He was of the view that if we do notting now, it will get worse.
UBF team also discussed the young girl who was under influence of one of these substances. At 1st avenue axis of festac and killed a young man with a razor blade cut on his stomach. The DPO wondered at such heart and act and shared how he took up the matter to ensure justice is served.

Our society is faced with what can consume us all if we do nothing. Imagine a 15 year old boy trying to share minerals with his peer not knowing substance is in the drink?
And because he is always not interested to join them in their ways after much pressure. They decide to give him the drink without letting him know it had been drugged?
Think every way on these substance matters and you shall see need to fight harder against hard drugs and harmful vices.

UPDATE: United Breeds team gets support from FAZE on Drug campaign.
UPDATE: United Breeds team gets support from FAZE on Drug campaign. 768 1024 United Voice

At 10:27am, 12th September 2021 was incoming call of the humble music star Faze.
Inviting United Breeds Foundation team for a meeting with him. The busy icon had a meeting with our team in a facility where he is billed to perform.

The R & B star was joyed at the initiative and pledges his support for a better society. As he had said before in his heat song : ” I get ability, nah we own the society promoting peace and unity”

The man is ready to join forces with United Breeds Foundation to promote peace and unity.
The heavy metal sound from the speakers in the event place where we met was so loud that we couldn’t have coherent conversation.

Faze or Faze Alone as many call him had in our previous conversation stressed the idea of empowering the youths. He was of the view that we focus on empowering them (engage) because transformation is not enough for the idle mind and man.
He was concerned of a one time rap guru whose battling with addiction at the moment.
His busy schedules have not hindered him to see us and pass his message to the youths and every well-meaning Nigerian who desires to see this drug abuse alarming situation reduced to barest minimum.

UPDATE: United Breeds team gets support from RockSteady on Anti-Drug campaign.
UPDATE: United Breeds team gets support from RockSteady on Anti-Drug campaign. 759 1024 United Voice

In yet another meeting with one of the musicians performing on October 1st, Walk Against Hard Drugs and Harmful Vices. Is an eye opener conversed by Rocksteady, a melody making vocalist known to add flavour in songs. The voice you heard on Black Face Naija’s ; “Oh my God show me the way” Rocksteady was the voice flavouring: “Olorun Oba jowo oo” at the fading of that song. He is also a member of the TRIBUNAL headed by Black Face.

In a conversation between Rocksteady and United Breeds Foundation team. He spoke of why influential musicians no longer spring from Festac Town.
He was of the view that back then there was oneness and synergy amongst musicians. That when Plantation Boys have a show, Def O clan, Ruff Rugged and Raw etc would all go to the show in one bus.
He sighted the synergy then was the strength that made talent conspicuous for investors to see. But reverse is the case today because everyone is doing their thing solo. And are lost in the crowd because team force is not there to push each other to highlighting stage.

Rocksteady also spoke of his experience at a hotel. Where he saw a young man who took Colorado and was restless till an army of fun seekers in the hotel came out to impede the disaster that would have happened.
He frowned at the rate of unfamiliar Hard Drugs on the streets today. He said: “Baba me I no perfect ooo, I dey take weed (igboo) once in a while. I no go lie but am not crazy. Have you ever seen or heard them say we saw Rocksteady drunk or high and disturbing the peace?”
“I don’t even have tattoos on my body. Guys have approached me severally especially at events to tattoo me for free. Just to boost their numbers of celebrities tattooed that would convince customers patronage. I have limits and values.”

“I’m 100% with United Breeds Foundation on their campaign against hard drugs and harmful vices”. He concluded.

UPDATE: United Breeds team gets support from Black Face Naija on Anti-Hard Drugs campaign.
UPDATE: United Breeds team gets support from Black Face Naija on Anti-Hard Drugs campaign. 1024 853 United Voice

It was a auspicious meeting with music star Black Face Naija and the United Breeds Foundation “A HARM REDUCTION ORGANISATION”.
Support for the younger generation, sad situation of drug proliferation, the causes and Walk Against Hard Drugs campaign were top on the discussions.
Black Face has thrown his weight on the October 1st walk, he is excited something and some people are beginning to work towards delivering the youths from drug addiction.

He spoke about lack of new artists coming out from FTT (Festac Town) he was of the view that United Breeds Foundation look into it and develop talents again from the once music hub of Nigeria.
He also spoke of the fact that this situation of drug abuse did not just start now. The previous ways of living preluded to what we are faced with today. He believes is possible to help many out of this Pandemic.

Black Face also spoke of not allowing upcoming musicians make some mistakes he made in the area of show biz. He thought it would be good United Breeds Foundation in the future organise symposium and other programmes that will enable him help Amuwo Odofin youths musically.

There was talks on likely work with United Breeds Foundation and his up and coming Foundation to help his people at Benue State. The man was wrapped with thoughts of care and love for the have-nots.
Come October 1st 2021 Black Face Naija with other stars will be at the WALK AGAINST HARD DRUGS and HARMFUL VICES.