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November 2020

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A rose grew from concrete stone, proving natures laws wrong.
Adenola Biodun Sulaimon is a young man who saw it all in the school of hard knock life. Being exposed to drugs and alcohol, gangs rivalry fights he did it all,
In all of that darkness he still saw light.
He made up his mind to follow Jesus Christ. He made up his mind to be responsible. He made up his mind to be the rose that grew from concrete proving natures laws wrong.

As a member of United Breeds Foundation, he contributed funds to ensure more youths are shown the way off the streets. He even gave accommodation too and job according to his capacity.
He has been one of the major good influence to other youths who knew how hopeless his life was.
Many who knew him marvel at his unbelievable transformation.

3rd November 2019 he asked that United Breeds Foundation travel with him all the way from Lagos to Ngor Okpa ala Imo State to pick a wife.

He is Yoruba but allowed love to subdue tribe down to Igbo land.
We went all the way to pick our beautiful bride: Sarah Chidera Adenola (Nee : Nwokedi)
It was a lovely reception at Imo State we enjoyed the palm wine, ugba and other sumptuous delicacies.

This is to celebrate his one year anniversary on 3rd November 2020.
We are grateful to God who has blessed them with a bubbling baby girl.
It was a love atmosphere as few of us gathered to eat, drink and rejoice for this blessing that’s marvellous to us all who knew where he was coming from.

Love is stronger than tribe, love will make things work.
Love will lead you to the streets and you’ll wonder as you see many roses that can still grow from concrete.

You can partner with us to do more, please reach us on : info@unitedbreedsfoundation.org

Addiction Is Not A Crime Is A Curable Disease.

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No one desires to die, not even the man who’s speeding in his fast sports car.
Is amazing how sometimes we can’t see that we are falling into a ditch. Most times the ditch looks like a safe abode when we begin to fall.
Taking hard drugs in the early stages is comfortable to someone who doesn’t know they’re falling into a ditch. As they familiarise with the new world, everything about using those substance will appear good and wise to the addicted. It usually start with i know what am doing, i don’t take too much am always controlling myself.
If the user knows consciously that they’ll end up as junkies, they would never had tasted it.

Q-ship is an armed ship disguised as a merchant or fishing ship to decoy enemy submarines into gun ranges.
All the vices that trouble humans are the bullets of guns from the world disguised armed ship.
Life is not fair means the world has pitfalls waiting for the weak to fall into it.
What is the wisdom in spending a fortune on fast cars that can endanger your life? The car is bought because of the speed so you’re defiantly going to not tolerate many cars who zoom pass you on the road.
Speed kills but some rich folks prefer fast cars. They often believe i can handle it, am a good driver and boom! A slight mistake the car becomes a write off. Very little percentage come out alive or have their normal life back.

It’s important to take it easy, there’s every reason to be careful in life.
We have sighted hard drugs and fast cars, what about the numerous Q-Ships hunting humanity?
What are you going to do about identifying evasive and conspicuous pitfalls against humanity?
What did man do to deserve this dangerous hunters in disguise of pleasure and comfort?
Many questions begging for answers.

At United Breeds A HARM REDUCTION ORGANISATION, we help men identify world’s traps then teach them principles needed to stay safe.
We do mental transformation work on minds that had strayed. Expose the Q-Ships to them and it’s danger.

Our actions have consequences or good results, make it a conscious exercise to act in wisdom all the time so as to avoid falling into the ditch.

Stay away from drugs and alcohol, a slip can ruin your life forever. Is a slippery world, many had fallen and never got up, you’re up now please stay up.

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