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March 2021


What majority of people who knew us would say after we had left this earth is what many no longer care about.
Is it as a result of moral decadence or the new way of life,that made many live without regarding the effect of their ways in the sands of time?
What would you be remembered for? Questions we should answer with our conscience alive.

Pa Andrew Attah Odakpor is 85 years old. He is a wonder to behold, a character that challenges you to Wake-up in areas of your life that really matters.
At his age he still goes distance to show love as much people he can reach. You would give him transport for his journey and you will hear: i want to walk ooo,it helps me to keep fit.
He reads small letter words of the bible without glasses. His good active acts are numerous that we can’t begin to list, for the sake of maintaining a short writeup of him.

Last week Sunday was his 8th birthday 21/03/2021. His family and friends were celebrating him, this led to United Breeds Foundation adjusting their own celebration of him to 28/03/2021 which is today.
Our Founder/Convener: Anthony Abakporo who put up a post in honor of Pa Andrew last week eulogiezing on his personal Facebook account, got a shocker he shared with us at our meeting of how his relative who’s not a United Breeds member. That said he had known Pa Andrew for 30 years to be a good man, this he said in the comment section.
Is a small world, God and people are watching, Jesus said: let your light shine that men would seeā€¦ (Matthew 5:16)
For all these and more we at United Breeds Foundation have decided to celebrate this great man! Who walked into our meeting because he wanted to see where his children and grandchildren have been undergoing transformation processes.

We shout to high heaven! We make merry and dine to the glory of God today!
As we say: Happy birthday Pa Andrew Attah Odakpor, we love you!