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February 2021

THE RESOLVE OF KING DAVID 720 709 United Voice

David Ohiembor was any parents nightmare, source of shame and humiliation to his parents and family at large.
A good name made many chose David for their children, bad name repealed Judas as name for their child. One would wonder why some people called David, Abraham, Even Emmanuel behave opposite the inspiration of the name.
We leave you the name mystery to ponder on while we continue with the inspiring story of David Ohiembor.

David Ohiembor use to do hard drugs in Festac Town. He is known by many in the town to be a junkie. 5th Avenue especially, his frequent zone, had people from there who narrated all sorts of scary incidents to us what they saw about him.

Although David had told us about his past life but recently on 31th January 2021 , he openly repeated the story of his drug life in our Chambers. (United Breeds Foundation).

In one of our meetings, where we had first hand witnesses he mentioned who were with him in those humiliating days.
He spoke passionately to convince others to stay away from drugs. He testified about the new life and blessings that he now enjoys as a result of deciding to be responsible. And encouraged others to avoid these vices that can only destroy their mental prowess and deny them good opportunities in the society.

Only a prince has opportunities to Kingship, even when he’s on exile he still knows he is a prospect king.
David Ohiembor became King David when he came to his senses, in the heavy splash of a stormy rain that drenched him and made thoughts of repentance come alive in his mind without a preacher or family members counsel. It was one on one with destiny for him on that day. It was time for him to go back home and see what life has in the other world. That first step with several processes launched him into the office of King David!

King David is today an Evangelist, he is going about showing love to the streets he once influenced negatively.
He is presently consulting with like minded friends to come support United Breeds Foundation. As he has consistently told us of the need to bring more youths out of the streets. He is today inspiring many positively.
He is married and blessed with five children including a set of twins.

He is today a King because he made that one good decision, are you out there battling with any form of addiction?
Hear this truth, you’re a King your throne is occupied by the devil and his demons who are manipulating you off your kingdom. Arise! Say no to drugs or any form of harmful addiction!

We are United Breeds Foundation, “A HARM REDUCTION ORGANISATION ” and we are here to help you. Please write us on: info@unitedbreedsfoundation.org.

We are here to walk these path of honour with you. Let’s do this Let’s secure our sanity.